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7 Simple Hairstyles For A Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

Sometimes, you’re too tired to come up with styles or visit the salon; or you have to rush to work in the morning which may not give you enough time to come up with creative ways to style your hair. If you find yourself in such a situation, you don’t need to panic.

These 7 simple hairstyles are certain to help you on such days to remain stylish and beautiful without doing too much. These hairstyles are simple and can be achieved in a split second.

The 7 Simple Hairstyles

  1. The Big Puff
  2. The Baby Spice
  3. Double Puff
  4. The Unicorn
  5. The Lazy Puff
  6. High Curly Buns
  7. Double Space Buns

Watch video below to show you how to create these simple hairstyles that can rescue your bad hair day.

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