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Chic Ways to Style Twist Braids

Beauty Tip Of The Day Chic ways to style Twist Braids

Braids are perfect styles for rainy/all seasons as they are easy to maintain, twist braids are even better! Because they are not high maintenance in any way, they come just versatile as you can style them in different ways. (A best part of wearing braids is because they can be packed up or separated so the scalp can breathe).Braids can also be washed properly so they are always clean and can last for a while and wearing them comes with no fear of rain or heat/humid conditions.

The versatility of braid also makes it possible to switch to different looks as they can be styled in numerous ways making it the best hairstyle to rock if you want to play up your look everytime.

1. Updo/high ponytail

As with the ponytail done with a weave, braids can be styled in the same way to look good even when styled away from the face.

1. Hold the braids -arranging them to align properly- in high ponytail style

2. Secure this tightly with a rubber brand

3. Divide into sections and twist the first section, wrapping around the mid section (secured with a rubber band) and clip this in using bobby pins to keep in place

4. Take the other section and do the same (in opposite direction) as in 3 above and secure with bobby pins to keep in place

5. Wear hair accessory as desired to keep firmly in place then tame the edges with an edge control.

2. Empire braided detail

The empire styled braided updo is chic. Here the braid has the front section braided around the rest of the braids.

The style starts from the side of the head to the other side with the rest of the hair section into the braided part to meet up at the back.Beauty Tip Of The Day Chic ways to style Twist Braids

Other styles can be done in a half ponytail, half undone style, top knot bun, tied up with the other let down amongst other styles to fit any style or occasion.Beauty Tip Of The Day Chic ways to style Twist Braids

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