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Ghana Weaving Hairstyles That Will Make You Stand Out

Ghana Weaving Hairstyles

Ghana weaving is one hairstyle that can never go out of fashion. Ghana weaving hairstyles add youthfulness to your face, make you glow and they fit all face types. Here are Ghana weaving hairstyles to inspire your next look and make you stand out. Original Story from Kamdora.

10 Ways To Maintain Healthy Skin

On Beauty Today – 10 Ways To Maintain Healthy Skin!

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find a skin routine that is appropriate to your skin type and actually works. In addition to a skin care routine, most people fail to realize that, there are certain things that you may be doing and need to stop, or things that you are not…

Chic Ways to Style Twist Braids

Beauty Tip Of The Day Chic ways to style Twist Braids

Braids are perfect styles for rainy/all seasons as they are easy to maintain, twist braids are even better! Because they are not high maintenance in any way, they come just versatile as you can style them in different ways. (A best part of wearing braids is because they can be packed up or separated so…

How to DIY Chrome Nails with Kitchen Foil

Monday Manicure: Here’s how to DIY Chrome Nails with Kitchen Foil!

If you’re a regular Instagram user, chances are you have seen nails with mirrored polish pop up on your feed or explore page. These nails are called Chrome nails. This nail trend has blown up on the internet and everyone seems to be getting a chrome manicure. For this tutorial you’ll need: Foil sheets Nail…