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Handbag Shopping Guide

Handbag Shopping Guide

We all that one bag we reach out to when going out, but no one bag, no matter how great, can suit all of our needs. It’s important to have a rotation of bags in a variety of styles and sizes to swap out for different occasions, and having more bags means more opportunities to show off your personal style.

The following are eight types of bags to shop for and learn what to look for when shopping for each.

1. Grown-Up Tote

Tote Handbag

The grown-up tote is a natural pick for everyday use. Its size is thanks to its generous is big enough to toss in items and recover them in a snap. It is a simple and easy-access design.

When shopping for a tote bag, look out for one with a sturdy material like leather or canvas and a neutral color palette such that it will work with just about any outfit in your closet.

2. Bucket bag

Bucket Handbag

The bucket bag is a more structured alternative to a traditional carryall, this style works beautifully in a range of sizes and finishes.

When shopping for a bucket bag, look out for a strap length that suits you, easy-to-grab top handles for more carrying flexibility, and fun details like fringe, metal studs, or interesting materials like printed fabrics, patent leather, or woven textiles.

3. Backpack

Backpack Bag

The backpack is a spacious, hardworking bag that won’t kill your back. It offers storage solutions that are equal parts pretty and practical.

When shopping for a backpack, look out for unfussy designs in sophisticated materials like leather and twill, mini versions reminiscent of the ‘90s, and rucksacks with enough pockets and partitions to keep you organized. If you plan to haul heavy loads on a regular basis, opt for styles with wide straps.

4. Clutch

Clutch Bag

The clutch is a petite pouch which is an ultimate accessory when dressing for an event. They’re just the right size to hold your essentials for a night out: your phone, money and of course, lipstick.

When shopping for a clutch, look out for built-in card sleeves that save you from having to stash a bulky wallet inside, and a wrist strap to free up your hands.

5. Crossbody

Crossbody Handbag

The crossbody is a great midsize option for weekend or for everyday use.

When shopping for a crossbody, look out for adjustable straps, interior dividers, and elevated trimmings suitable for dressier occasions. Keep your eye out for convertibles, e.g. some crossbodies turn into belt bags.

6. Weekender

Weekender Bag

The weekender gives you just enough space to comfortably tote all your must-haves for a quick getaway – an outfit change, your toiletry bag, and a swimsuit, depending on your destination. It’s a suitcase substitute that will inspire rejuvenating escapes, and its sensible size acts as a helpful deterrent against unnecessary overpacking.

When shopping for a weekender, look out for a pair of short handles, a sturdy shoulder strap, and soft-but-hardy fabrics with some water resistance built in, like waxed canvas.

7. Belt Bag

Belt Bag

The belt bag is known for its incredible convenience. It is hands-free (attached to the hip), small enough to keep on all day, and difficult to lose. With a wide range of styles available, you can make a belt bag work for casual or dressy occasions.

When shopping for a belt bag, look out for a flexible strap that lets you sport the belt bag in either of its equally trendy variations (around your waist or draped across your chest like a sash), and reliable closures (think a sturdy zipper or multiple studs) to keep your personal items safe and secure.

8. Luxe Top-Handle Bag

Top-Handle Bag

The top-handle bag turns the volume all the way up on aesthetics, delivering a wow factor that especially complements formal and evening looks.

When shopping for a top-handle bag, look out for plenty of head-turning details. Think handles crafted from unexpected materials like bamboo, acrylic, or metal; rich textiles and prints; and standout embellishments, such as a vintage clasp top or a striking lining.

Original story from Etsy.

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