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Handcrafted Home Decors

Handcrafted Home Decor

Handcrafted home decors give an elegant look to the home. Stylish pillows, vases, wall arts, table mats etc. all handmade add a lavish and unique touch to your home.

Let’s dive into a list of a few African inspired handcrafted home decors you can use:

1. Wall Mirror

Handcrafted Wall Mirror

Having a wall mirror around your home gives a magnificent feel and would leave your guests marveled.

2. Flower Pots

Handcrafted Flower Pots

Use flower pots for your potted plants. These handcrafted pots beautify your indoor spaces.

3. African Fabric Chairs

Handcrafted African Fabric Chair

The African fabric chair can be made either with Ankara, Adire or with Aso-oke fabric. This adds a colorful and lively look to your home.

3. African Fabric Throw Pillows

Handcrafted African Fabric Throw Pillows

Just like the African fabric chair, the throw pillows can be made with Ankara, Adire or Aso-oke fabric. Throw pillows serve an aesthetic function, adding color to the room and serve a functional purpose adding warmth and providing support to the back and neck.

4. Table Mats

Handcrafted Table Mats

These handcrafted table mats give your table decoration a complete look. Table mats are usually placed on a table cloth or directly on the table and they give an accent to the table and also signifies the dinning mood.

So which will you be adding to your existing home decor?

Curated from BellAfricana.

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