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How To Do Duplicate Stitching

duplicate stitch craft

Adding extras to your knits is a fun way to get crafting without having to invest loads of time. Duplicate stitches is a method of embroidering pictures onto knits. It works particularly well for children’s clothing, as you can add pictures to the front of a child’s sweater, the back of a knitted jacket or even add their initials to their knitted outfit.

Items Needed:

  • Your knitted accessory or item of clothing.
  • Yarn or embroidery thread
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • A picture or cross stitch pattern to copy from
  • Knitter’s graph paper
  • Colored pencils


1. Draw your picture, initials or words on to the knitter’s graph paper. Copying your design on to this paper helps ensure you’re happy with the overall picture.

Knitter’s graph paper

2. Thread your darning needle with the first colored yarn.

3. You will be working from the bottom right of your picture. Insert your darning needle through the bottom of the first stitch you want to cover, from the back to the front of the work.

4. Insert the darning needle from right to left through both loops of the stitch above and pull gently. You will now see the right side of the stitch covered.

5. Bring the needle down and through the same place as your beginning stitch. You now have one stitch covered. Don’t pull too tightly or leave too loose, it needs to lay flat over the stitch below.

6. To work the next stitch horizontally, insert the needle through the stitch to the left of the original stitch and repeat the process.

7. To work the next stitch above, insert the needle through the stitch above the original stitch and repeat.

8. Repeat the whole process with another colour, if required.

9. Once finished, turn your work over and thread each loose thread back on to your darning needle and weave them into the work, making sure they don’t show on the right side.

The finish work should look like this:

Original story from Folksy.

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