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How To Grow A Fuller Hairline

Grow Fuller Hairline

Hairdressers are trained to ensure that their clients have healthy heads of hair but taking matters into your own hands, to a certain extent, will help you create a healthier relationship with your hair.

Below are three things you can try for healthier hair and a fuller hairline:

1. Take Charge of Your Hair

Visit the hair salon less frequently. Learn how to wash and treat your own hair, When you take charge of your hair care, you’re in control of how much heat, pressure and force applied to your hair.

2. Use Essential Oils

Three staple essential oils are Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lavender. Peppermint oil and Tea Tree oil increase blood circulation, which promotes hair growth, and Lavender essential oil helps with skin inflammation and stimulate hair growth. Dilute a few drops of the essential oils into a mixture of olive oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil in an applicator bottle. Apply the oil mixture onto your scalp every few days and on your hairline twice a day after a shower.

3. Protect Your Hairline

Never sleep without a bonnet or satin scarf. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and create friction between your hair and the pillow. Friction causes breakage and your hairline will deplete if it is constantly exposed. Satin and silk don’t absorb as much moisture as cotton does. Make sure you wrap your hair with a satin/silk scarf or a satin-lined bonnet regardless of whether your hair is in a protective style or not. This way, your hairline will remain nourished and protected all through the night.

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