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How to Make Ankara Earrings Yourself

How to make Ankara earrings yourself?

Ankara is not only the name of Turkish city but also a very popular, colourful and beautiful African material. You also can call it African Print. It is very bright and unusual, resembling traditional African ornaments.

It is worldwide popular and a lot of ladies are fond of it. There are many dresses, skirts, blouses, scarves made of this fabric. But nowadays there are different kinds of jewelry made from Ankara fabric.

Today we are going to tell you how to make unbelievable earrings with your own hands. First of all, you should look in your wardrobe for some needless old buttons. It does not matter how beautiful they are. You will just use them as a basis for your future earrings.

If you do not have buttons, you can take some small round stones or cardboard pieces instead.

Also, you will need a small piece of Ankara matter, but big enough to cover your basis. You should scissor out a piece of cloth in order to cover the size of your button.

Then you should glue your Ankara fabric to your button or a cardboard (it is better to use a special glue for fabric). After that, you just need to stick down with a glue some special studs. Voila! Now just let your jewelry dry and your fashion earrings are ready.How to make Ankara earrings yourself?

There is another way how to make beautiful African print earrings.

You need special earring storage or some old, everlasting earrings. Measure a thin strip of Ankara fabric, it should be about 15 cm lengths. Then you should wrap your fabric strip around the storage or old earring, previously covering it with glue.How to make Ankara earrings yourself?

You can simply wrap the glued cloth around your earrings, or you can get your creative and construct different patterns, forms, and images. For example, you can create different colourful flowers. Do not be afraid to be creative.

You can experiment with different forms and try to use as the basic different materials, this is the matter of flight of imagination. You can even use wire as a basis or decorate your jewelry with different ribbons or small beads and sparkles.How to make Ankara earrings yourself?

Do not forget to combine your Ankara fabric earrings with similar necklace and bangles, which can also be done very easy and fast. Do not be afraid to be bright and eye-catchy! Everything is in your hands.

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