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The OTU Collection By Mimiremi Textiles

The Otu Collection by Mimiremi Textiles

Mimiremi textiles new collection of prints titled ‘OTU’, which means ‘1’ (One) in Igbo language has its strength both in the pattern and the symbolic nature of the number one.

Speaking about the new collection, Aderonke Jaiyeola, founder of Mimiremi Textiles said, “I remember vividly that cool Saturday afternoon in 2012, light drizzle of rain dropping on me and the table in front of me as I struggled to print 2 yards of fabrics in front of the house using the screen printing method. Discouraged by the stress of the work and the imperfect print I made, I ventured into other things. For many years I’ve had the passion to help designers create unique Custom made designs for their brand without stress. Earlier in the year, I was determined to start printing our fabrics in Nigeria. Despite big hurdles, disappointments and sleepless nights, I am happy to finally present our first collection of hand printed fabrics to my dear friends and colleagues…’ OTU (No. 1)”.


At Mimiremi Textiles, it is not just about fabrics, It’s about the rich African story that is told through the prints. As a closing remark Aderonesaid, ” as we launch our first collection of fabrics hand printed in Nigeria ‘OTU’, I look forward to the day when other African countries will begin to depend on Nigeria for their supply of fabrics.”


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