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Three Ways To Style A Shelf

Style a Shelf

Styling your shelf with a collection of handpicked objects is one of the easiest ways to showcase your creative side. To help you imagine the possibilities, here are three unique looks used to style the triangular wooden shelf in our illustration.

1. Wild Wonder

Wild Wonder Shelf Style

This style uses an eclectic blend of vintage curiosities and vessels crafted from natural materials. Set the shelf against a removable wallpaper backdrop of a lush jungle canopy, include wooden vases to bring touches of the outdoors, and top it with sophistication using an old-fashioned hourglass, beaded abacus and a wooden framed painting.

2. Collegiate Cool

Collegiate Cool Shelf Style

This style is a cheerful mix of fun and function. Style with pencil holders, colorful notebooks, and a vintage clock. Spread the energy beyond the shelf and onto your walls with vibrant fiber art and abstract prints sure to stimulate your brain’s creative side.

3. Modern Museum

Modern Museum Shelf Style

This style brings out the artsy side of you. Transform your shelf into a three-dimensional home gallery with a selection of sculptural pieces in a neutral palette of creams and whites. Set shelf against a high-impact floral wallpaper, inculcate handmade clay dishes and ceramic vases as works of art. For a dramatic contrast, incorporate sparkling metallic accents, like a vintage brass horse statue and a copper-trimmed glass star.

N.B: If the above listed objects are not available, you can always use similar objects with the same style concept.

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