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Unique Gifts for Him

Unique Gift Ideas For Him

Thinking of a gift for a ‘Him’ in your life for a special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, valentine, or just a gift to show how special the ‘him’ is to you?

Here are some unique gifts ideas you can get for him:

1. Footwear: Unique, well crafted and quality footwear are never out of fashion.

Handmade Footwear

2. Clothing and Clothing Accessories: T-shirts, African-Inspired Shirts or full attire, handmade ties, cufflinks, square pockets, wristwatches etc. all fall under this category.

Handmade Asooke Bow Ties and Square Pocket

3. Bags: Casual bags, handmade laptop bags, handmade wallets, leather briefcases etc.

Adire Mens Handbag

4. Decorations: Decoration items for his office, home or even his bedroom such as pen holders, hand crafted tissue box, picture frame, artworks etc.

Handcrafted Tissue Box
Handcrafted Pen Holder

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