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Ways to Brighten Your Day With Tie-Dye

tie-dye pillows

Tie-dye designs are cheerful, nostalgic, and inspiring. Brighten up your day by adding tie-dyed takes on everyday basics.

Kitchen Towels: Add some much-needed whimsy to your daily kitchen cleanups with vibrant tie-dyed kitchen towels.

Tie-dyed kitchen towels

Face Mask: Let a painterly face mask spark a renewed commitment to safer social distancing.

Tie-dyed face mask

Socks: Dip your toes into the tie-dye trend with custom-saturated socks.

Tie-dyed socks

Sweatshirts: Suit up for your next family movie night or Zoom book club in comfy, coordinated sweats.

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

Plant Pots: Spruce up your windowsill with tie-dyed plant pots.

Tie-dyed plant pots

Curtains: Let the sun shine in through a pair of tie-dyed curtain panels.

Tie-dyed curtains

Kimono: Level up your lounge wear game with a romantic, tie-dyed kimono robe.

Tie-Dye Kimono

The list is endless. Be creative and try out tie-dye on other everyday uses.

Curated from Etsy.

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