Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Trends to Elevate Your Everyday Look

Trend Experts explain that for this season, it’s all about enhancing your outfit with a few fun pieces that showcase your personality in a meaningful


Denike Adegboye’s 2020 Collection: Aso-Asiko

Fashion Designer Denike Adegboye returns with another carefully curated collection for 2020. This new collection is tagged Aso-Asiko and is inspired by women’s fashion in Nigeria during the 1990s.


Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque

Watermelon & Vitamin C Skin Glow Masque

Body Organics’ brings to you its Skinfood Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque which gives you a cleansed, relaxed, glowy and unclogged pores. This masque is

Arts & Crafts

confetti earrings

DIY Statement Earrings

Birthday, big date, or just your average Sunday at the supermarket; wherever you’re going, with an eye-catching pair of statement earrings you bring the party. From the bold and

Aso-oke Gift Ideas

Aso-Oke Crafted Gift Ideas

Aso-oke now has a place in the modern space, and Aso-oke inspired items are now being used for gift ideas for loved ones. Aso-Oke is a