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Jewelry Trends to Elevate Your Everyday Look

Jewelry Trends

Trend Experts explain that for this season, it’s all about enhancing your outfit with a few fun pieces that showcase your personality in a meaningful way. Whatever inspires you, there is a trendy style that will give you the chance to celebrate what matters to you most.

1. Birth Flowers

The blooms associated with the month we were born are said to reveal something unique about our personalities. Wearing birth flower jewelry makes some people feel like they are carrying a special birthday bouquet every day of the year. Jewelries featuring these fashionable florals are a sweet and personal reminder of your connection to the natural world.

2. Belly Button Rings

Belly jewels are officially back, and today’s grown-up interpretations feature dainty, tasteful designs crafted from precious metals and in-laid with fine gemstones. BeIly button ring gives you all the cool vibes with none of the commitment – crop top and low-rise jeans optional.

3. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are designed to hug the curve of your ear cartilage with no piercing required. They extend beyond the humble lobe, with the boldest designs claiming major accessory real estate. Ear cuffs gives an edgy look, and there are so many creative ways to rock it. You can start small and pair a minimalist gold cuff with your go-to hoops and studs or make a dramatic impact with a sculptural piece that encircles the entire ear.

4. Grandmillennial Style

Also affectionately known as Granny Chic, grandmillennial jewelry gives fresh life to the most beloved, over-the-top styles from grandma’s closet. These include vintage bedazzled brooches, chunky eyeglass chains, oversized clip-on earrings etc. With this trend, you’re free to mix colors, patterns, metals, and textures to your heart’s content.

5. Recycled Metals

Build your collection with thoughtfully designed and lovingly crafted pieces of recycled gold and silver jewelry. Create a look with a textured pair of hammered gold teardrop studs and a silver signet ring with a beautiful botanical engraving.

6. Enamel Accents

Classic enamel jewelry is enjoying a major comeback moment. These glossy, lacquered pieces have a pretty, painterly quality that’s always good for a mood-boost. From minimalist geometric stacking rings splashed with soft pastels to chunky color-blocked pendants in vibrant palettes, these decorative designs bring a little retro shine to any outfit. To level up the vintage vibes, try an enamel-coated, upcycled locket embellished with a brass bumblebee or a floral bib necklace fashioned from repurposed brooches and rhinestone-encrusted costume jewelry.

7. Beaded Earrings

Available in a colorful parade of face-framing styles, these intricate works of art offer something for minimalists and maximalists alike. Tiny beaded cluster earrings add dimension and texture to a simple stud, while over-sized geometric danglers make the act of wearing earrings feel like a celebration in and of itself. Pair your brightest shoulder dusters with your coziest yoga pants and settle in on the couch to watch TV in style, just because you can.

8. Feminine Forms

Spice up your look with ornate jewelry inspired by the female forms. This trend is all about self-love and women’s empowerment. Keep it subtle and gift your closest gal pal an abstract “breast friend” ring, or go full-figured and don a set of cleverly shaped wire earrings that celebrate every curve.

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